On the 31st of May 2021, after over a year in operation and due to a significant reduction in requests for support, the Skye Community Response service was suspended.


The need for this service will continue to be monitored and volunteers are on standby should the service require to be reactivated in the future.


Other local and regional support services are still available. Please see below for more information:



We would like to thank the hardworking volunteers from across Skye and beyond who have provided this service.


With thanks to many generous donors Skye Community Response has some emergency funds remaining. In the event of another outbreak these funds will be available to re-start the service. If by Spring 2022 this service is still no longer required the communities of Skye will be consulted and a decision taken on how best to reallocate these funds.


A report will be available here shortly detailing Skye Community Response's financial activity since the beginning of the pandemic.


If you still need our assistance, please leave a message on 07716249584 and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.